Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The MEANING behind those 3 words.

I know that some of you here on Jewelry Lessons.com are wondering what the buzz is about? I am here to introduce to you, a place on the internet that I created with the jewelry artisan like yourselves in mind

I have learned to make a community for anyone who wishes to be organized, to have fun and keep JL focused for learning and sharing With chat areas, forums, blogs, and the great RSS feed. I wished to bring a gift to all of you for being there for me
during a time where I was at a
crossroads with life of my disability.

Bobbi of Jewelry Lessons took it outof her heart to gift to me a wealth of knowledge and help with techniques that I wanted to learn. I said I was going to repay her someday but it would
be a while. This is the reason for
Coiffure’s Community. <----Click to see for yourself

Now, I know this sounds strange. But there are reasons for building Coiffure’s Community.

Going back to my past, I survived a very difficult lifestyle with my first son, Chad, as he was born with a terminal liver disease in 1979.Chad is 30 now, born with a liver disease, along with 26 major surgeries, to keep him alive.
He was the 31st child to be treated for this disease in the US. On Dec. 06, 1990, Chad received a transplant.
He is 1 of 3 in the world who does NOT take medication. That is a huge miracle, one of which I cannot repay.

Life became somewhat normal for me after many years of struggle. I only had my work to keep me occupied. Did I mention the many animals I acquire from my son Cody, who thinks he is curing my empty nest syndrome? I know this all seems a little off track for building a community, but it will all make sense especially with the PAY IT FORWARD mentality that most of you have heard me say a time or two. I felt I needed to be explained.

When Bobbi and I became friends, I needed to be involved in something for my mind as I am also disabled after a life threatening accident 3 yrs ago, where I broke everything on my right side. My legs are no longer able to give me support along with my wrist of my right hand.

Bobbi encouraged me to learn some techniques to inspire me to make jewelry, to learn to network my work on the internet to become noticed. She has no idea the state of mind I was in, when we first met. Right Sistah?
I knew then that I needed to Pay It Forward. Those 3 words are the most powerful words
I have learned in my life. It gave me a purpose after receiving, a miracle of Chad.

So I blogged, made homepages, and stumbled upon a place where I learned programming. I took advantage with all of the possibilities for JL’s members, friends, neighbors, anyone. A background in business for 30 yrs played a big part. I put together a community that would help all who are in the position of wanting to make the networking easy, so you have time to do what you do best, make jewelry. My New Years Eve Resolution set this in motion.
What Bobbi taught me, merged into the wish to PAY IT FORWARD.

Now, I won’t waste time with how it was made. Let me tell you what it will help you with. All of the blogs, websites, web pages, forums, stores online, you name it, is funneled down to a scrolling gadget on your windows desktop, updated every 15 minutes. Talk real-time, with web cams and microphones, save those fingers as it works with all media. Chat rooms, blogs, forums, updates, all on your own personal webpage. Best of all, it is FREE.

This is my PAY IT FORWARD to all of those who share of themselves to help others.
Imagine if each person tried to pay it forward just one time? What a world that would be! Pass it on! Feel the reward! It feels great!
Thank You very much for letting me share.
(Creator of Coiffure’s Community)

I give credit to Kickapps.com, as I couldn’t have done it without them

Coiffure Thee Wire Whisperer

Coiffure Thee Wire Whisperer

Coiffures Community Group

Coiffures Community Group